Family roots are the heart and soul of our products

Vintage Label, Greg and Mrgo Little, Angela Dad and SisterAngela's journey from her family's nurturing environment, where healthy eating was emphasized, to the establishment of Little's Cuisine, unfolds as a captivating narrative propelled by passion, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to wholesome food. Inspired by her parents, J. Greg and Marjo Little, whose affection for chili ignited a culinary dream, Angela, alongside her sister Cristina, embarked on a flavorful journey rooted in her father's chili sales in the Green Bay area circa 1980 under the name Mrs. Little’s Chili.

Chili Pepper Chili SignTheir tale progresses as a narrative of transformation, transitioning from small business owners with Cristina of a local chili eatery, Chili Pepper Chili & Dogs, in the heart of Appleton, Wisconsin, to the emergence of Little's Cuisine as a significant figure in the realm of packaged seasoning mixes. Throughout this evolution, Angela and her husband Claude upheld their dedication to sourcing and utilizing top-tier ingredients, reaffirming their enduring commitment to authentic flavor.

Angela and ClaudeVenturing into new territories provided Angela and Claude with the chance to share their passion for delicious cuisine with a broader audience, while remaining true to the core values that define their brand. Each meticulously crafted product bearing the Little's Cuisine mark embodies a dedication to excellence and a profound drive to enhance the dining experiences of families nationwide, prioritizing nutritious and wholesome ingredients.

Today, Little's Cuisine has transcended its initial identity as merely premium seasoning mixes, ascending to the summit of culinary innovation, authenticity, and heritage. Angela's unwavering commitment to excellence has cultivated a brand that deeply resonates with consumers, evoking cherished memories and time-honored traditions in households nationwide.

Little's Cuisine has indeed emerged as a guiding light in the realm of nutritious culinary offerings. Our products undergo careful crafting with attention to detail, ensuring they are free from added MSG, sugar, gluten, and GMOs. This rigorous process guarantees they are infused with nothing but goodness and flavor.  J. Greg and Marjo Little's legacy of taste and creativity will endure, captivating and inspiring future generations to embrace wholesome eating without sacrificing deliciousness.

As we continue to pave the way for a healthier and more flavorful culinary landscape, we remain steadfastly committed to providing nourishing options that not only delight the palate but also nourish the body. Our seasoning mixes stand as a testament to this commitment and crafted to enhance the taste of your dishes while also promoting overall well-being. With Little's Cuisine, you can trust that every meal is an opportunity to savor both flavor and health.